Other Web Pages concerning William Blake:

  • If you like "Tyger, Tyger," you'll love "Likable Wilma," part of Holy Tango of Poetry.
  • An incredible gift for Blake readers can be found at the Blake Digital Text Project. David Erdman has allowed them to make available a single (huge!) text file containing a complete "beta" version of his latest edition of Blake's poetry and prose. If you are searching for a specific line of Blake, this is the way to find it.
  • A project of several years, The William Blake Archive will eventually contain over 3000 indexed images, including all 19 illuminated books.
  • The University of Toronto has a page of his Selected Poetry.
  • The Tate Gallery in London has a number of Blake paintings.
  • Julian Yanover has built a very interesting site about Blake that includes several of his poems, a biography, multi-media, and a timeline and timemap of the poet's life. You can find it here.
Posters of some of William Blake's artwork are available through AllPosters.com.

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Examples of Blake's visual art.

The Book of Job Illustrations

Songs of Innocence

Songs of Experience

The Marriage of Heaven and Hell

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