Gail (2 years old) with her first bear Unfortunately teddy was given away long ago.

We'd like to introduce you
to some of our bears:

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to view larger images)

Gail (now)
with a couple of her buddies.

Tons of Teddies
some of Gail's collection

Kirby is one of
my favorites.

(He is based on the bear featured in many of Gail's paintings.)

Beary Scary teddy

The bears at Christmastime

Just a few more bears on our shelves

Capt. B.B.
(Basic Brown) Bear and his sister GiGi

Muffy Vanderbear
throws a tea party
for Pooh and other buddies

Some more pals

Stunt Bear
the first bear Gail made herself, finds that acting in "Of Teddy Bears and Uncle Timothy" is hard work!

Chocolate Wonder
(Gail and Spike inspect the perfect Easter basket.)

Reagan bear raiding the cookie jar (His favorites are chocolate chip!)
Yoshi Bear
Yoshi the Genius,
sent by Katja Tuominen at the University of Helsinki, Finland.

Gail's dream encounter
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