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G'day from Aussie Andrew Bear,
I have just seen your bear site, it was grrrreat. I am here in England visiting my 5 year old friends in their school - I've had such fun, visited lots of places in and around the North East of England. My friend Geordie Bear went over to Australia to visit my friends in Urquhart Park Primary School. He sent some e-mail the other day and he's also having a grrrreat time. See Ya, Love Aussie Andrew Bear

This is Wubba writing (shhhhh, Mom doesn't know we're writing to you), on behalf of all the other teddies here.There are about 55 teddies here, and all of us want to say we like this web page. Mom has us bears all over the house, and sometimes the cats (there are 4 of them) walk all over us and knock us down. Then Mom has to come put us to rights. She has named all of us, however sometimes she cant remember our names! (how embearassing!) Right now there is an untidy bearpile on the couch next to the computer. Im sitting by the 'puter, cause mom says im her guardian bear for 'puter freezes! (by the way im a polar bear). Grizzles says hi, and PJ Mackintosh, and Theo,and cubby, and and and well theres too many to list, and my paws are getting tired. so Ill say bye for now - Love wubba (and mom aka Akeybear)

I'm ADONE ,a brown bear, and I live with a lot of friends ( pandas, dogs,monkeys,cats) and with my mum Paola ,she's very nice and sweet with me...oops ,now she found me and I have to go , (from Rome)

My name is Growler, but my friends call me Growley because I am not really mean! I live in Nashville with my Mommy and Daddy and my best friend "Miss Bun".. I have a home page that my daddy built for me that you can visit if you like. You can visit me at:
I gotta go... My dad will be home soon and if he knew I was surfing on his account, I'd get in deep trouble! Thanks! - Growley

Hello, my name is Joshua the Bear. I am a cuddly brown bear from the Philippines. Your site is cool! My favorite sport is basketball, and I play in the BAB (Basketball Association for Bears) with my homeys, ya know what I'm sayin. GOODBYE! - Joshua Bear

We met 16 years ago, when she was sitting on her daddy's shoulders as he walked through my store. She grabbed me off a high shelf, and he didn't realize it until he had paid for me! Over the years, I've been to school, sleepovers, summer camp, and 35 U.S. states with her. We always travel together, except for that one time we went to the Dominican Republic, and I got put on the wrong plane coming back. I spent a few weeks in France (Parisian bears look so cute in those berets, no?), but I missed Ruthie and I talked an airport lady into sending me home. As we got older, Ruth couldn't spend as much time with me, but we always talked in bed at night. When she got into college, I was scared. Who would give her pep talks about hard classes? Who would say, "But *I* love you," when some boy broke her heart? I shouldn't have worried, though, of course she took me with her. When our Daddy died in her freshman year, she told me that my hugs were better than anyone's. Well, that's my life story. Thank you so much for this bear page. Ruth and I don't spend enough time together, so it's great that I can now share her interest in net-surfing!

I am 4 this year and have been at my present home for all of my life. I have been to London and America but my favorite place is in bed! I like honey (don't all bears ?) and I had a big pot of honey for Xmas this year. I am 7 inches tall, light brown and soft and fluffy and I always wear a red ribbon around my neck with a bow in it. I have bean bag legs and have stood up on my own for the first time today! Ah well I'm getting tired now and mommy has just made some honey on hot toast for me before I go bed. Bye Bye..... Love, TED E Parsons in the UK

About as good as it gets for us stuffed ones! We like to polish off a good brewski (not more than one, though) and troll the net. This is even better than taking over the remote after our humans have gone to bed (shhhh!!) You'd be amazed what a teddy can do with Visa and Mastercard. We're going to order some more RAM so we can speed this thing up! Love, hugs and plenty of cookies to all! - Mac, Zac and the other 175 bears here.

We live near London England and there are about 50 of us. Bert being the chief bear with Own as deputy. bye bye for now hugs xxxxxx - Sheila

Hi, We are Buckingham and Elizabeth Bear and live in the good ole USA. We are writing because our Mommy is going to put us in cybearspace as soon as she finishes designing our web page. Counted cross stitch bears are what we are called, and we will be in kits so people can stitch us for in their own home and please some bear lover there. Maybe you saw us in the magazine Teddy Bears and Friends. It's sure been nice talking to you and Mommy will let you know when we make our debut, if you are interested just tell her and she says we can exchange links. We don't know about that link business, we don't want to wear a chain. She's a pretty good artist and made us look all pretty with denins, patchwork dresses, a sailboat and big smiles. Elizabeth says I am not to tell you she has freckles. Bye, Buckingham and Elizabeth

Messages from Other Friends of Teddies on the Net

When I was a kid I had an unfortunate situation where all my bears and other stuffed animals met disastrous harm. Guess I never got over it. Now I am 56 years old and our 4 story house is full of Teddy Bears. I felt funny when people came to visit and would blush with embarrassment when they saw such a childish decor. In spite of all I have kept picking them up in 2nd hand stores. You know, the kind that have been abandoned by kids who have grown up. I have spent the whole morning looking at bears on the internet. What a revelation!! I have finally realized subconsciously that I never got over my loss as a child. Life is hard as an adult. Sometimes I am sad. I have at this time just realized that the answer to lots of my problems is scattered around my house in hiding places. NOW THEY WILL COME OUT. I WILL COME OUT OF HIDING. Excuse me now while I go hug ALL of my bears. I think it's going to be a great day. - Courtney, Washington State  USA

I am 18months old and am learning to surf with my dad. I love teddies so your page gave me a lot of pleasure. You should have seen my face light up as the pictures of teddies downloaded on to the screen. The page has been bookmarked so I shall be visitng again soon. Right now, it's my bedtime so I have to go. See you again soon. - Tomas, Australia

As we reach advanced middle age I think the idea of curling up with teddy in our youth is one of our cherished memories of simpler times. We all need to get comfortable with our teddy and mellow out. - Gary & Shirley

It's great to know I'm not the only person who collects bears. I choose mine for lovability. I'm 32 and still sleep with a bear, sometimes more than one (not if my husband's there - he only lets me have one in the bed - a small one!!)- Theresa

Teddy Bear, you are a great source of comfort and joy. Secrets we may share; Hardship we may cross; Happiness we may celebrate; You are still one true Bear. May we last forever. -Teo Xiao Shi, Malaysia

My bears are who I turn to when I have no one to talk to. They will always be my life long companions. - Heather

It's nice to know that, just because I like Teddy Bears (at the grand old age of 36!) and am still collecting them, I'm not mad (even though lots of people I know think I am!) Teddy Bears really are our best friends - they are always there when you need a shoulder to cry on, they sympathise with you and they are happy for you when you are happy. They never desert you! Snowy is my favourite bear at home. She came free with a dehumidifier! She is a few years old now, but she is still my best friend! I have lots more bears and am still collecting them - when I see one I like (usually the bear is sitting there in a shop and whispers "buy me" as I pass by!), I usually buy it! - Linda

I'm 23 years old and everyone thinks it childish for me to collect teddy bears, but I don't care they are so adorable, cute, cuddlely, soft, and very loveable!! ...I really liked your teddy bears. If you every decide to get rid of them, give me a call (ha, ha!!)!! - Melanie

My 4 year old Granddaughter loves your site. we visited all your teddy bears, she said be nice to teddy bears, bye - Alex

I am a Teddy Bear freak. I love them and it is very rare that I give them away. I have a collection of my own. My house is full. I have enjoyed viewing your pictures, but now I want to go out and get more bears. - Mitzi

I'm delighted and happy, and my bears too. Actually I hope they aren't too excited, because it's late and I must sleep...- Jari, Finland

It's really wonderful to see a lot of beautiful cuddly bears. I've been wanting to collect bears but so far I only have 5 stuffed bears. I'm so fascinated with the kind of feeling these little cute ones give to me. I'm already 19 years old... and my folks think I'm kind of too old to be into teddy bears. But i can't help it... they're so hard to resist. - TIFFANY, Philipines

When your last name is Bear you can sure collect a lot of Bears even if you are not a collector. We never receive a greeting card that doesn't have its theme centered around Bears. Naturally we have quite a collection as most gifts have the same theme. Our dog is named Teddy. our son's dog is named Paddyington and my Dad's first name was Menno. That's why we like BEARS! - John L. Bear

It's amazing there are people who loves teddies as I do. I could almost cry. I am really touched. - Helena in Spain

Being extremely fond of bears since birth (I only had one doll, which I decapitated without further ado - hence only bears no dolls...), I really appreciate your pictures and comments. - Brum, Sweden

I have been a Teddy Bear collector for 20 years. I have a 1905 Steiff Teddy Bear that was given to my Dad when he was born 9/5/06, my father gave Mr. Ted to me on my 21st birthday, and I have cherished him ever since. I became a collector at that time. Every room in my house has a Teddy in it or hiding in some corner. Your site was very enjoyable, I'm new on the internet, so I am trying to familiarize myself with all the wonderful information. I have enjoyed all the messages from everyone about their teddy's. Thanks for such a GREAT site!! - Arleen Almsted

I gave my girlfriend my most personal possession : my teddybear. Bear is now about 21 years old, and was still sitting quietly somewhere on my bed. I did not give Bear a new home, no, just a second one. A good one. And when I'm at my girlfriend's home I have to loves to hug. - Joey

for the paws that refreshes, take time to hug your teddy bear! - from grandma tina, "TEDDY BEAR LADY" Springfield, MO

I think your pages are great to look at. It's nice to see that there's a website that doesn't want your credit card number. I love teddies and I have collected about 60 of them. They each have their own little personalities. Your page is great entertainment. - melanie from Australia

Whoever said "Diamonds are a girl's best friend" would retract that statement after seeing the sparkle in a Teddy's eyes. - Lana T. Zeiss

We have been looking for a site that has Teddy Bear art and have found that you are the best!! - KateLynn Stalder

Recently, after undergoing cancer surgery, I had chemotherapy. I've collected teddy bears (in a bearly significant way), for about 12 years. Never has one been such a comfort as the one ("Sunny"), that was sent by my daughter when she had to go home (to return to work), after a couple of days she'd spent with me. When my hair fell out (due to chemo), I guess I realized just how an ol' bear feels (when the fuzz is rubbed off)...still wants to be hugged, but we have to keep the growl (spunk) to keep on keeping on! My inner child needs a teddy bear kind of love! - Sandra Lee
(Thanks Sandra, with prayers for a speedy and complete recovery)

I, too, am a collector. I have about 1400 bears at my home here in San Francisco. - Jim Bear Walter

Having developed a habit of rescuing lost bears on roadsides, I'm always a soft touch for these soft touches. My eldest bear turned 23 on Christmas. His feet are worn, and he is long overdue for trip to the Bear Hospital, but he's still just as ready with a snuggle as the rest of them. Honey Hugs ! - Kiri & family

i liked this site very much, even though i'm a little old for this kind of stuff! thanks for this great site!! your friend, - cassie,age: 13yrs. (Cassie: As you can see from other responses, you can't outgrow teddies)

I love Teddy Bears, they are the better human of ourselves.My wife compares me sometimes with Winnie Pooh. She always said: when you are thinklng I imagine you're sitting under a great tree, and when you see Ice Cream, I imagine it's honey, because your eyes are glowing. I'm 41 years old, my wife 43, and she always (says) we are too old or too "adult" for these things. - Georges, Luxembourg
(Georges - Your wife should know that you are never too old for teddy bears)

Glad to find people all over the world who are just as mad as we are... Got about 120 furry creatures about the house of which at least 95 claim to be a teddybear, be it polar, brown, grizzly or bearly dressed. They demand pocket money, regular smackerels and surprises, double pressies in December (we celebrate St. Nicolaas and Xmas, my gilfriend is English) and the occassional picknick and/or holiday. They take turns in driving and navigating so you can understand where we wind up... Exactly, you guessed it, the ice cream parlors all over Europe ! - Ron & Lorraine, Netherlands

My mother made me 3 bears when I was little. Two of them got stolen from the back of a friend's van, the day before Christmas!!! One of the two was 4 feet high!!! I was 3 when I got them and 17 when they were stolen. I cried for hours, and still get all teary eyed when I think about it. - Sarah

wir lieben teddybaeren und suchen immer neue bilder wenn ihr uns helfen koennt meldet euch bitte

i have had my teddy bears for years but have recently grown out of them and have become less attached to them. visiting your page is re-igniting my love for teddies. i'm going to go hug my oldest bear right now. THANKS! you have reunited us. :) - yuen

My husband and I both love bears and he, being a writer, helps me develop their various personalities! Our bears are Trekkies, and Tenson is the Captain of their ship. Dolby was recently promoted to Captain and now commands his own "ship" (they're sensitive about that) in a second bedroom. Lamby, Collin, Sarah, Nathan, MacDuff, and Precious keep things running "smoothly" in their assigned positions. The Bears rotate their duties in the human sleeping quarters. This is a much coveted honour and has been known to cause scrapes amongst the favourites who are selected more than the others. Usually, some four bears end up tugging at "mummy's" heartstrings and push their way into the crowded bed! We believe our bears are the cornerstone to a fun-filled marriage and to our zest for life and things for the "young". - Heather, Canada

I had the opportunity to carry around a teddy bear throughout my youth. Now that I'm a somewhat (gulp) adult, the same bear sits and guards my bed...keeping it free of the Cocouy, the Boogyman, and those scary shadows at night. The same bear wears a yellow youth t-shirt, and a Huggies diaper that i put on him in the 3rd grade for show-and-tell. I don't think I'll ever change it! I think its kind of cool how we hang on to objects from our childhood. Little things that you never would have guessed. I never thought I would hold on to the same only bear. - Elisa

Bears least that's what all of our teddy bears tell us all the time--especially when they want pizza or ice cream. We are hooked on teddy bears and other furry critters like bunnies. In fact, our "senior" couple is a white teddy bear (Emmett) and a brown bunny (Hugs Bunny or Princess as she likes us to call her). We have a three bedroom townhome with bears and bearaphenalia all over it. Actually, maybe we should say the bears have a three bedroom townhome that they let us stay in...provided we continue to supply them with lots of pizza, ice cream and love. - Tia and Norm

We're over here in Cleveland with our bears and they're all very glad that bears all over the world have loving homes with children of all ages. We have about twenty bears now, Bill being the oldest and Dennis being the smallest. They're all SO silly. Linda takes Teddy to bed every night and Punkin the cat is very jealous. They enjoy going on bicycle rides and travelling all over. Many of our bears were rescued from the nasties that work in the many second-hand stores around here. You can always tell a bear that was well loved by the impression their previous friend left on them. Bye Bye for now. - tommy and linda

Bears bears go
Bears bears to it
My o My Bears
off bears on bears
I love you
This is my poem My name Is kate and I am 5.

I work with 25 seniors who suffer from Dementia and I have taken my bear collection to work with me. They love to cuddle. I printed many items from the pages within this web, The First Bear, in U.S. and Germany not to mention some of the wonderful bears. The stories and quotes! Thank you to those who love bears as much as I do. Bears to share, - Alan, Canada

The world should be full of kind, nice teddies. - Lenka Belhacova, Czech Republic

I now know that there are others like us out here. Much love from Annette & Jesper and all our teddies. -Annette, Denmark

I love your page. It made me smile and it brightened my day just like all of my bears do. - Sheryl

It's about time there was more fuzz on the Internet. -Brenda Bear

I thought I had a large number of bears, well I thought wrong obviously! - Thomas

I'm impressed with your super cutie home page! - Ayako in Japan

It's warm and cozy just as something about bears should be - Peter

Newton is my new bear. I'm 8 years old and live in Virginia USA - Victoria

We have lots of bears and they have all clustered around the screen and want more! - Jodi, New Zealand

This really provides some warmth to a very often cold net. - Jane

My mom who is 73 believes everyone should have a teddy bear. -Sherry

I saw my picture in the cookie jar. -Beartrand

There's something about bears that makes me so happy just looking at all their cute and cuddly faces. Of course, I especially like hugging and cuddling with them. - Stephanie

I am Alex and I am eight. I think your page is great. I love my Teddy but I also love my new puppy, Lucy. Teddy has been with me ever since I was born. -Alex

My bears are jealous now! They are now asking to get on the Web too! -Anne

More than just bearly GREAT! -Matt

How could someone with my name NOT love it!? : ) - HoneyBear

Hi, I collect bears too! I don't think I could deal with "real" life without knowing my bears were nearby and the cats were snuggled up with me. I take my tiniest bear to the dentist. When I had surgery last I had a bear and, despite my age and obvious maturity, the nurse said, "Let her take the bear along". The bear was with me through surgery and when I woke up. I've collected them since I was a child, invested in them as I got a little older, and now, my mother who found this really stupid, sends me clippings of what the bears bring at Christie auctions. She now thinks I should sell them. I will keep them until it's time for them to go elsewhere. I call it my bear market investments. But who can put a price on the kind of safe feeling you have when you're holding on to a paw, or looking into a sympathetic bear face? -Tiffany

i love your beear i am 5 yers old i have a vermont teddy bear -deland

My Wife LOVES Bears of all kinds and really enjoys the stuff I find here, plus I get brownie points for finding it. - Bernie

Thanks for a beary great place to visit!! j.brooks

I own dozens of Teddys. Before I retired I even took them to work. I was told I was a bit strange. No matter. Thaddeus and Wally frequently traveled with me and occupied a place in my office with me. Teddy Bears are wonderful friends. - John

Your page is very nice. Our Teddy is called Einstein. He loved it ! We are aged 5 and 7. We live in England. Thank you for letting us visit you. Love, Nadia and Sofia

My bears and I loved the visit, especially my 29 year old bear 'Teddy' who is the wisest and most supreme of my bears (he was most impressed) - Maria

I have over 300 Teddies who live here in New Zealand. My favourite Bear is called Marmaduke, he was born in 1988. He is the representive of the Teddy Bear Museum in Stratford, England. He emigrated to NZ with me in 1994. He has travelled to many places in the world. He is having a rest at the moment, until he visits Australia at Easter. - Lyn and Marmaduke

My wife and I are teddy bear lovers. In fact our dining room table has teddy bears seated at it when people are not eating there. This is wonderful and quite unlike all of the web wierdness... - James (poo bear) Bell

Peggy and I thought we were alone in the great world of teddies. It was quite a surprise to find kindred souls. We don't have any old bears, but we have one large family (60-70). Really enjoy your site...RKD

Bearly cool!!! - Jacqueline

wow! :-) - james in the U.K.

I'm a Japanese university student. And I love Teddy Bears. - Yuriko

My wife Rachel and I have bears in all the rooms of our house as well as in our car. - Rick

It feels good to know that there are others out there who are as infatuated with teddy bears as I and my mother are.- LaVonne

I have a few stuffed bear friends that folks have given me over the years. Life would be unBEARable without my bear friends. - Alice

I like Teddy Bears too. I have 6 so far. One is 44 Years old. (Born in Germany) He still growls! The others are more recent to my family. Bruno, Little Ted, Teddy, Polee, Pinky, Nonee. - Art

Finally, someone who may have more teddy bears than me. - kara

I am turning 3 years old next month. I like calling up the Internet and seeing all these teddy bears. -Mark

I am a confirmed Teddy and Bear lover. I have two who are my constant companions and sympathisers. Blue Ted is 13 years old and behind that dopey look is a world of wisdom. Bearsey is only about a year and a half but my furriest friend. I know each and every one of his facial expressions in minute detail and always know when he is sad about something. They don't know I am writing this because they're busy bear-dreaming right now.i think they would approve of the page very much especially the nice furry pictures and bear quotes. - Lizzo in the U.K.

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