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Gail is an artist, the creator of Roosevelt the Cat, Miss Behavin' and the Teddy Bear Friends posters, with over 150 posters to her credit. She works in airbrush, oils, pastels, and other physical media, as well as Photoshop and other programs on the Macintosh.
(Click here to see examples of her work.) She also acts, sings and collects teddy bears.

Richard is part of the Information Technologies organization for Teague, which 80 years ago became America's first Design firm. In the time more sane people would spend sleeping, he surfs the Internet, listens to Wagner and Mahler, reads science fiction and fantasy, Shakespeare, Milton and William Blake, sings, acts, directs, writes plays, and tries to take pictures of Gail.

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Art and literature are vital to both of us. In fact, the very first thing we ever talked about (we met on a BLIND DATE!) was the work of William Blake.
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Visit our page dedicated to the Teddy Bear. We don't have any children, but we do have a few hundred teddy bears lurking about the house.

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We are both active in the fellowship at Lake City Christian Church. Please check out a church with a difference that makes a difference.
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